January 27, 2016

Quilt 52: Sawtooth Star Poppies - DONE!

This has been quite the project for me.  I've learned several things which will be useful in the future, some of them with a good deal of pain.

And here it is: the quilt finished:
I opted not to use the groovy board this time, but did free-motion loop-d-loops instead with black thread.  I'd show you the stitching, but, well, that black thread just disappears and doesn't photograph at all.  I did leave the green star points alone, quilting the centers of the star blocks (the poppy print) but not the green.  It turned out great - and I'm sorry the camera doesn't render the colours well - as in these photos you just don't get a sense of how gorgeous it really is.

And this I'm also really proud of - the back:
There are 2 panels there, joined carefully to conceal the seam (I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago).  Can you see where the seam is?  No!  You have to look REALLY close to find it.  I took great care to match up the repeating pattern in the print, something I will do from here out.

And so there it is.

I took it to Anna on Sunday, right after I finished the binding (which, by the way, is hot pink - looks great).  She's delighted and so am I!

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