February 25, 2016

Quilt 54: Civil War Charm Squares - DONE!

Last year I made a quilt for a friend using charm square packs made of Civil War print reproductions. It turned out great, and I really wanted to do another, this time in a size suitable for a man (ie: long enough to wrap under his feet, but still extend up to the chin).

The original quilt was 8 squares across and 11 squares high - giving an overall dimension of 48" x 61".  A nice size, but just adjusting to 13 squares high would make it more practical for a man.

I pulled out the design for that first Civil War quilt and just added 2 more rows, and sure enough - the dimensions turned out to be 48" x 70.5".  PERFECT!

I'm just loving charm square quilts, as they whip together in no time at all - and that was certainly the case with this one.  Here it is - all quilted and bound, ready to go to it's new owner.
And here's the backing - I love the chocolate thread on top of the federal blue backing!


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