May 11, 2016

Quilt 58: Persian Carpet in Gold - DONE!

Pre-cut panels are a great way to start a quilt top.  I found one online late last year that I just adore - it looks like a Persian carpet:
(Click the picture to see a larger image)
 As much as I like the center, I'm not too sure about the green edging.  I'm thinking I want to bring out the golds, rusts, and reds in the center of the panel, not the bright green:
 So I trimmed the green back and added a narrow gold border.  Yes...!  This is more what I'm looking for.
Next I added a rust border (which in the photo below looks a bit orangey... the camera just doesn't catch the colour well), and then a print which mirrors the medallions in the center, with finally a gold border on the outside:

At this stage, the top is 52" x 60"
There's a lot of colour in the center of the panel, esp. navy, turquoise and a splash of green.

Here's a closeup of the medallion border.  What you can't see is the very subtle metallic gold highlights on the medallions (below) and in the panel center (above).  The overall effect is very rich, textural.
And here (below) is the finished quilt.  It turned out gorgeous!
The binding and backing are done in a Robert Kaufman metallic print which splashes deep sunset orange with maroon and metallic gold highlighting. The quilting is in a pale gold thread, which is very visible on the plain gold and orange borders, but fades beautifully into the prints.
(Click the picture to see a larger image)
And here's the backing, giving you a better view of the design.
I used the "Blustery Breeze" groovy boards for the quilting - and am really pleased with how the design blends in.  Instead of "Blustery Breeze", on this quilt it looks to me like a shiracco!

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