June 1, 2016

Quilt 61: Jelly Roll Race - DONE!

OK - I know I started quilt 60 last week, but I got a bit distracted....

Last week I mentioned the "Four Square Star" quilt design I found in a YouTube tutorial from The Missouri Quilt Company.  "Jenny" - the tutor in the video - is a delight to watch and I've been enjoying some of her other videos, including one called "Jelly Roll Race".  I watched that one and - WOW!  It looked like a lot of fun - so I had to give it a try.

And I just couldn't wait to do it, so quilt 61 was pushed aside temporarily in favor of this one.

I bought this jelly roll last year - had other plans for it, but decided it might be a good "race" candidate:

In her video, Jenny says that you can do this quilt in about an hour.  Watching the video, well that seemed possible... maybe..

Basically, all you do is sew all the strips in a jelly roll end-to-end, then take that one long strip, cut it in half and then sew the sides of the 2 strips together - and just keep repeating the divide-in-half and join-the-sides until you end up with a completed top.

So, I watched the video and did I make the top in an hour?  Well, no.  Mine took a little more than 90 minutes - but my sewing machine isn't anywhere near as fast as Jenny's (I think hers probably runs at twice my machine's top speed).  Still - having a top pieced in less that 2 hours works for me!

And here it is - mounted on the longarm:

I quilted it with a pale mint-green thread, just using free-motion loop-t-loops, and finished the quilting in about 2 hours.  So OK... a good sized quilt done (except for binding) in less than 4 hours - WOW!
 For the backing, I used a solid bright green - and the light green thread looks terrific on the backing.
And the finished quilt (with thanks to hubby Stephen for holding it up for me):
Finished size:  48" x 61"
Just as Jenny did, I pulled the strips right off the roll, joining them in the order they were on the roll... and yes!  It turned out fantastic!  Look at how the blocks of white, yellow, dark blue are all balanced on the quilt - too easy!

This one will be going to "Inspirational Quilts".

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