December 7, 2016

Quilt 81: Hawaiian Sea Turtles - DONE! (and the mystery of the "purple navy")

Last week I told you about my friend's grandsons and the quilts I am making for their Christmas presents.  Here's the second Hawaiian print we're using:
This print has golden/tan sea-turtles, pineapples, and canoes floating over blue
polynesian triangles.  It's an interesting design with a definite ethnic overtone.

And the design - which is simply a copy of the previous design with the colours adjusted:

And, like the one last week - this one came together very quickly!  As we did with the previous quilt, we stuck to solid cotton fabric except for the sea-turtle print.  That brings the print's colours and design forward and kept the cost down, too!
55" x 77" - quilted on the longarm ("Blustery Breeze" groovy boards) - cotton batting
The quilting is done with dark blue thread - Signature Threads' "saffire" (which is about halfway between royal blue and navy).

In the closeup below, you can see the

On this one, I added gold squares on one of the borders and used gold for the binding - just to pull up the golds a little bit more. 
The backing on this one gave me a little bit of a headache.  We wanted navy blue - and I made a special trip to get it.  When I got the fabric home and saw it in natural light (ie: not the fabric shop's lights) I saw that this "navy" fabric looks distinctly purple next to the Hawaiian print!  At this point, time was getting short.  I had some dark blue solid fabric in my stash - enough to finish this quilt - so we opted to use that.  In the photos above, the darker blue bits on the top are from that fabric I had already.

But when I started to put the backing together, I found there was a large flaw smack in the middle of it - no way to cut around it!  EEEK!

So I pulled the "purple navy" back out and discussed options with my friend - who agreed to have me back the quilt with that.  It actually turned out very nice - the "purple navy" wouldn't have gone well on the front, but having it on the back was fine.

I'm still scratching my head over this, though.  The "purple navy" only looks purple when it's placed next to blue or purple fabrics.  Put it next to white, grey, or anything else, and it looks "navy".

Go figure...

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