June 7, 2017

Quilt 92: Florida Surf 'n Sun Charm Squares - DONE!

Last September I visited cousins in Florida and, of course, just had to visit my favorite US quilt shop!  I picked up three packets of charm squares - and just finished a quilt with one of them.

Here's a closeup of some of the squares:
 And here's the completed quilt:
(48" x 61" - quilted on the longarm - free motion loop-d-loops - bamboo batting)
This was the first quilt where I tried that "hide the thread" trick I found online (if you missed that post - click here to see it).  It worked like a charm - very quick and easy - and the thread stop/starts really look much better.

One refinement I came up with is to have the needle coming out of the sandwich where there's some stitching (as you see in the photo below).  Doing that, you don't end up leaving a needle mark in an unstitched area (which might be difficult to rub out in finer fabrics).
Using this technique in places where the upper thread has broken (or the bobbin ran out) is a little more work - as you have to pick out a few stitches in order to get enough thread to run through the needle - but it's worth it.  SOOOOOO much cleaner finish!

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