July 19, 2017

Oh, no... Longarm Problems

I've been going to town with my longarm rulers.  The more I work with them, the more I like them.

But now..

On Sunday I was working on my latest quilt and was using a ruler to help guide the stitching around some small, tight areas.  All was going well until my hand slipped and the ruler ended up under the needle just as it was coming down.


The needle broke into 3 pieces.  The top of it is stuck in the head (photo below).

I tried pulling with my fingers, then with pliers.  It won't budge.

Oh, dear... this is not good...

Once I realized I wasn't going to be able to extract it myself, I email'd Howard (the dealer who does maintenance on it) and asked what I should do.  I'm very concerned that I may have caused serious damage in the head, and this may not be an easy fix.

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