June 27, 2018

Quilt 107: Orange Mocha (Sonnet Collection)

More charm squares!

I got three of these charm square sets at a sale at Patchwork With Gail B.  There were only 25 squares in each pack, so I needed all three (plus fabric for borders) to make a single quilt top. 

There were 5 squares cut from fabric like the top square you can see here:
The top 4 squares are solid fabric sewn into little pleats, giving a textured effect.  The rest of the squares were various stripes and plaid prints in chocolate, melon, olive green and turquoise. 
Some of the squares weren't perfectly aligned when they were cut

Quite a few of the squares weren't cut strait, so the plaids and stripes are off a little bit.  Fortunately the slightly "not quite right" squares don't stand out - your eye fools you a bit when you look at the completed top.  In the photo above, it's obvious.  But when you look at quilt overall, they fade into the design.

At the same sale I found a 4-meter package of one of the prints in the charm-square pack.  It is the perfect backing for these charm squares, and with 4 meters to work with, I was able to use some of it on the top to add interest

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