June 14, 2015

Quilt 17: Tutti Fruity Placemats - ready to sandwich

Back on May 10, I posted a list of projects I'd started (and sometimes finished). One of those was placemats made with the leftovers from a "throw" made up of fruit-and-veggie charm squares I bought while visiting my cousin in Florida. In that post, I showed the arrangement of the squares, but hadn't actually finished the tops.

Here they are finished and ready to sandwich:
I'm considering these 4 more-or-less a "set", as the
colours in the squares are similar in intensity. (click the photos
to view a larger image)

And this pair, much brighter, go together.
I want to machine quilt these on the longarm. Hm.. not sure how I'm going to accomplish that, as they are separate pieces, small bits. Next time I do placemats, I'll think about this problem and certainly come up with something better from the longarm perspective - but folks, I never dreamed when I put these together I'd actually HAVE a longarm.

Anyway... here they are. I think the black edging works well, don't you?!?!

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