June 3, 2015

Quilt 25: From on-point to...

Here's another of the $5.00 jellyroll quilts. I started out thinking I'd do an on-point design like below - but quickly decided against that. I like on-point designs, but this one was going to look kind-of creepy unless I did something really special with the triangular edge blocks. Well... I just lost interest in it.
So here we are - the blocks finally assembled and joined with a blue lattice. Kind of a giant "9 patch log cabin" thingo. The photo above does a better job of representing the colours - so the one below looks a little washed out. It's just what the camera was doing at the time.
As the purple jelly roll I mentioned not long ago, this isn't a serious quilting project, more of a practice one for the longarm. Only about $40 of material, so although it's not a "freebee", I haven't invested heavily in time or money. And I started this in 2012, so there's not much momentum going on here, either.

I have to admit my fondness for log cabin blocks is growing, even though what I've produced so far hasn't been much to write home about.  It's time to look into doing something with log cabins that involves a little more effort and thought.

But for now - quilt 25 is ready to sandwich - the backing is ready to go and it will be another good longarm practice project.

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