October 21, 2015

Quilt 44: Splish Splash - DONE!

Oh, I do love charm squares!

A while back one of my favorite shops had their annual sale - a pretty big event. To my absolute delight, they had a HUGE table of charm squares - all marked down - right at the front of the shop. You couldn't miss it if you tried and, well, I didn't try. I went nuts and bought a HUGE supply.

Here's one of the collections: Moda's "Splish Splash".

They are just adorable little prints - fantasy animals, bubbles and squigglies, all in bright primary colours.  Here's the design I came up with for them: 
The toughest task with quilts like this is just figuring out how to arrange the squares so that you don't have all the blues in one place, all the reds clumped together and so on. I also took care not to have the same pattern exactly side-by-side.

I'm very pleased with how the prints marry up with the yellow lattice:

And here's the top, ready for the borders. I really have to laugh a bit, because when I get a charm square quilt to this stage (below), I generally have a moment when I look at and think, "No!  I don't like it!"  This one was no different. I don't know why I have that reaction, but I do.

It seems like it took just NO TIME to get this put together. Once I got the borders on, I decided I liked it again.

And here it is - all finished!

A closeup showing the stitching. Again, as you can see, I've used "Baptist Fan" as the quilt pattern. It's just about my favorite of the 3 groovy board sets I have. It quilts up ultra fast and just seems to look dandy on almost everything.

Now that I've finished this, I'm looking at the leftover squares, and I've got nearly enough to make another one!  I only need 3 or 4 more squares to do that.  I'll have to comb through my scraps and see if I can find something that will fit in well with the Moda prints.

And here's the backing (solid orange).
This one goes to "Inspirational Quilts" - and as I worked on it, I put lots of love and prayers for healing.

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