November 4, 2015

Quilts 34, 35, 36 - Christmas Tablerunners - DONE!

I do love "jelly rolls" - and found this one at my favorite quilt shop.  CHRISTMAS PRINTS!
I had some scraps of green/gold and red/gold Christmas fabric from some dinner knapkins I made several years ago - not a lot, but enough to use for the center of a French Braid design.

Here is the center, and a few squares cut out of the green/gold
And here I've lined up a few strips - so you can see where this is going
Here's the red/gold fabric - for this I pulled out all the gold/cream strips out of the jelly roll:
And, here's the red/gold one all stitched together.
The one mistake I made here: cutting the edges too far in (below). The point in the center block won't be a "point", but will be somewhat flattened on the edge because of the seam allowance. Oh, well... another lesson learned.
The quilting got done in a flash. I used plain unbleached homespun for the backing and after mounting that on the longarm frame, just slapped scraps of batting from other projects... TOO EASY!
Voila!  Here they are, draped over my stairwell rail.
I quilted these using free-motion stitching, just loop-dee-loops. Nothing fancy.  Red thread for the 2 green/gold table runners:
And gold thread for the red/gold one:
WHAM!  That went by FAST!

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