July 20, 2016

Quilt 66: Squares of Sharon - Lavender and Herbs - DONE!

I made a trip to my favorite quilting shop earlier this month with my friend Carol.  I was looking for backing fabric and while there, found this jelly roll:
Gorgeous, isn't it?!?!  I decided to do another "Squares of Sharon" quilt and use this jelly roll.  The manufacturer had set up the roll with all the light fabrics together and all the dark together, so I pulled it apart and re-grouped the strips:
 And here we go - my regrouped strips.
And, of course, Squares of Sharon quilts go together in FLASH - and here's the finished quilt (the quilting is done in simple loop-d-loops on the longarm):
58" X 70" - 100% cotton batting - quilted on the longarm
Now, I learned something on this one.  The quilt is actually too "busy", visually, because I used the prints in the borders.  I should have done as I did on that first one, and have the inner and outer borders done in a solid, not a print - or even have all 3 borders be solids.

The other thing I'm observing is that, although, again, this is pretty, I prefer this style of quilt to have fewer colours in it (the first one I did was just blue and white).

Even so - it's very pretty and I'm quite pleased!

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