July 18, 2016

There's always one more...

...dangling thread!

It makes me crazy.

I'm continually on the lookout as I work on a quilt for dangling threads - and I pull or snip them out as I go.  Then, when the quilt is finished, I lay it out on my bed and again go over it, hunting carefully, wanting to get those little snips cleaned up.

But there's always one more.  WHY IS THAT?

My friend Jen lives in the same area where Nancy Gheno (of Inspirational Quilts) is.  Jen and I get together every so often at Maling Road or Doncaster Shopping mall for a bit of shopping and a "catch up".  She's helped me out a couple of times by taking quilts up to Nancy for me.  I had lunch with her today and handed over 5 more quilts.

Jen hadn't seen the quilts yet, so we stood in the car park and opened up each one so she could have a look.  And yes... there in the bright sunshine I saw....

...dangling threads!

Every last one of those quilts had at least one.


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