January 4, 2017

Quilt 84: Gail B's "Cross Hatch" Kit - DONE!

"Patchowrk With Gail B" is one of my favorite quilt supply shops.  They have a massive selection of materials and "gadgets" - and offer a very nice variety of their own kits as well.  This is one of them, their "Cross Hatch" pattern, done up in blue and brown flannel prints.
56" x 72" - cotton batting, quilted on the longarm (withe the "Simply Stippling" groovy boards)
I made a couple of changes to their original design.  The original design called for the binding to be made up of strips from each of the six flannel prints.  Instead, I opted to bind using a single fabric - the same fabric I used for the backing.  I also added the 4" border (solid tan homespun).

I backed it with flannel - using fabric which matches one of the fabrics used on the top.  The backing fabric was 44" wide, so I had to use two lengths - and I wanted to align the two so that the location of the seam wouldn't be too obvious.

To accomplish that, I started by ironing a 1" fold along one edge (as shown below).
Then I lined up the prints as you see below, and pinned the two panels together right at the fold line.
Then I turned the right sides together, folding over the pin line and stitched along the selvage, just to hold the top panel in place (the pins are now folded under my thumb in the photo below).
Next I removed the pins and stitched along the fold line (which you can see below). 
As you can see below, the results aren't quite perfect - but are pretty good. 
Here's the back - you really don't see the seam at all:
The quilting was done with a light gold/tan thread, using the "Simply Stippling" groovy boards.  I'm very pleased with hot the threads pretty much blend in on the printed fabric, and only really draw the eye on the solid ones.
So there we go - my first quilt in 2017... DONE!

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