January 11, 2017

Quilt 85: Hoffman Fabrics' "Super Nova"

Back in September I visited family in Florida - and while there, went to my favorite US quilt shop "The Quilt Place".  It's a dangerous place for me, as I tend to lose control in quilt shops - and this one is a doozy.

They had an amazing quilt made with this panel hanging in the shop:
The panel is Hoffman Fabrics' "Super Nova" - measuring 43" x 44".  The one I saw had the panel cut into 9 equal blocks and then set in "Attic Window" blocks - giving an overall mind-blowing 3D vision.

Well I just had to make one of these, so I got my Quilt Wizard software out and started playing around with designs.  First I came up with this:
But then decided to try maroon instead of the grey - and yes... this works much better.
The software dictates the size of the "window ledges" in the block (the black and maroon strips inside the light grey frames).  I am changing that, going with ledges that are only 3" and take up a smaller percent of the window blocks.

So far, so good!  I've got a design.  The finished quilt will be fairly large - mounting it on the longarm may be a bit tricky, but we'll see!

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