February 21, 2018

Quilt 102: Turkish Delight - DONE!

I love it when there's a sale at the quilt shop.  In the last sale I went to, they had marked down a layer cake pack of prints I'd been eyeing long before the sale.  The prints are all jewel-tone fabrics with metallic gold embellishment.  I loved the set - the prints looked somehow exotic, in my imagination, "Turkish".

I snatched that pack up in a hurry, but then was stumped about how to use the fabric.  Not all of the prints seemed to really go well with the others.  I ended up pulling out some that looked a bit Christmas-y (red and green) and some that really clashed with the rest (white and gold).

I wanted a simple design for these squares.  I started out with a square like the one below.

Here's how I divided the block, using my 2.5" Binding Buddy ruler.

I opted for black sashing because I wanted a neutral frame for the pieces, so I opted for solid black.  The colours in the photo below really don't tell the story.
I needed a border  on the outside to bring the quilt up to an acceptable size - and opted for a very strong solid turquoise, which makes the interior blocks really pop!  The backing is the same colour.
The quilting is done with navy thread, using my "Blustery Breeze" groovy boards, and the binding is solid black.
(doubleclick the photo above to see a larger image)
The finished size is 57" x 68".

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