February 28, 2018

A quilting foot - an idea whose time has come

I've been quilting for 8 years now - and you'd think I'd have thought of this before.  You see, I've made over 100 quilt tops on my little sewing machine - using a zig-zag foot.  Now, the zig-zag foot doesn't have a 1/4 inch mark on it - I've been just sort-of faking my way through.

But last month, it finally occurred to me that there probably is such a thing as a 1/4 inch quilting foot for my sewing machine.

eBay to the rescue - and here's my new quilting foot!
Why didn't I think of this sooner?  Now my seems will be exactly 1/4" - uniformly.  And whoa, I can sure sew a lot faster now - as I don't have to worry about getting uneven seams!

And it only took me 8 years....

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