May 2, 2018

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

I thought about giving this post the title of "It's Not What You Spent, It's What You Saved" - but I know I've used that before, although some years ago.

I knew about the sale at "Patchwork With Gail B" (my fav. quilting shop).  I wasn't going to go.  But On the first day of the sale, I had a dentist appointment - and it was just down the road so...

I went.  To make matters worse, I contacted Pauline, my quilting guru and she didn't exactly say "...lead me not into temptation".  No.  Pauline was all too happy to join me in a fabric frenzy.  And yes, readers, that is exactly what happened.

Here's my loot:

I broke a new record for yardage bought on a single shopping trip.  It's actually enough that I couldn't carry it all - had to make 2 trips to/from the car to get it into the house.

Now I'll partially redeem myself by saying that when I buy fabric for a new quilt, I almost never buy the backing at the same time.  So I've got several projects in the pipeline which will need backing, and I was going to have to make a special trip to get it.  But here I was - with Gail's unimaginably inexpensive 4-meters-for-$20 - AND quite a few of the packs she had are just about perfect backing for top fabric I already have.  So yes... indeed... I did save a lot.

And what can I say? Well... the American comic "Flip" Wilson would know:

Me: I'm not buying anything
Devil: Look at those 4-meter packs!   What a deal!
Me: No, I'm not buying anything.  Oh - wait!   I have a top ready to sandwich and this pack is perfect!
Devil:  See?  Would I lie to ya, baby?
Me: Right.  2 packs of backing and here's a kit marked down super low.  I made one of these a long time ago.  It was fun doing it and the results are stunning.  This would be lovely for one of the "Inspirational Quilts" kids.
Devil: Charity begins at home.
Me: Well, I'll get some thread while I'm here.
Devil: (just smiles and grins)
Me: Ah yes - a spool of this and a spool of that.
Devil: get 2 each.  That way you can use one for the machine head, one for the bobbin!
Me: There's some sense in that.
Devil: Oh look!  Charm Squares!
Me: Oh look!  Charm Squares!

(you get the idea:  The Devil Made Me Do It)

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