May 16, 2018

Quilt 105: Half-Square Triangles - Moda "Quilt Pink"

After watching some Missouri Quilts YouTube videos (starring the fabulous Jenny), I decided to grab a pack of charm squares and try my hand at half-square triangle blocks.  I used Moda's "Quilt pink" pack - and got 2 packs of this set, because the "pinwheel" blocks I want will need 2 charm squares (and this set from Moda doesn't have any repeating prints - every print in the pack is different).
And I cut out an equal number of white 5" squares from some leftover fabric I had.  Then I placed one of the prints and one solid white square together (right sides in) and drew diagonal line from one corner  to the other.  I stitched 1/4" out on either side of the pencil line.
Then cut along the line...

Flipped them open, pressed, and then assembled pinwheels:
And here's the finished block.
I've got a bright green solid fabric (leftovers from another quilt), and will frame my blocks in a 2" lattice.  I'll have that to show you next week!

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