May 23, 2015

Quilt 27: Christmas Table Runner (fat quarter bits and pieces)

Well - the fat quarters I've had since just after Christmas 2011!  It was a very cleverly-wrapped package of fabric - yeah... Spotlight knows what they're doing.

This package and a few others acquired then and afterward, well, they're aging and not doing anybody any good just sitting there. I thought that, over time, I'd find other bits and pieces to combine with them, but it hasn't happened.

Table runners can be fun and fast projects - certainly not as involved as the queen and king-sized bedspreads I've been addicted to. So here we go - a runner with 1" squares.

(Click the photo to view a larger image)

Dimensions are 59" x 13".

I had a ball putting it together.  Now... have a good look - can you spot the goof? Yeah... the red block at the end (right side) doesn't match the 2 other red blocks. Well, you can see it easily when you are looking at it like this, but when it's actually laying on a table, no... really don't see it. Thank heavens - because I'm sure not going to take this apart and do it over (I would if it were being made for someone else, but this one is for me).

I'm planning to quilt this one on the longarm.

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