May 30, 2015

Quilt 29: Green and Purple jelly roll (from the convention)

The jelly roll cost all of $30. It had been $60, but the sign said "50% off"! A no-brainer, as far as I was concerned. I grabbed it. When I got home, I realized that I already had a length of mossy-green fabric which would blend nicely with all the prints in the roll! How's that for luck?

Here's the roll on top of that mossy green:
(click on any photo on this page to see a larger image)
 And here I've flipped the roll around.  See?  Perfect!
I found a chevron pattern online - liked the lookquite a bit - and so opted to go with a version of that.

The pattern starts you with a 2.5" square, then stitching two 7" x 2.5" strips. Below I've already added one 7 x 2.5" to my originating square - and I'm getting ready to cut out the next 7" strip. Jelly rolls are 2.5" wide - so there's no measuring needed for the width... just the length. 
In the pic, below, I've set the pieces so you can see how the chevron is built.
 And here it is, sewn and pressed - viewd from the "right" side. After this, I just reached into the roll and extracted the next strip, adding a strip on the top left, then on the top right.
Below I've got 5 panels built with the chevrons. I liked the arrangement of prints on the roll, so pretty much went with the order they came in. First I tried laying the panels in alternating directions.  Hm... nope. Doesn't really look great.
Then (below) I arranged them in the same order - YEAH!  I like this a lot.
The pattern I've been looking at has you trimming the chevron panels and then sewing them directly together. I didn't want to do that - instead want a lattice to separate the panels. Below I've laid 4 of the 5 panels on the complimenting fabric to decide on the width of that lattice. 2.5" won the day. Same width as the chevron strips - HARMONY!
The lattice and chevron strips are together now - here's a closeup of a sequence of soft pastel purples:
 And another closeup.
And here's the finished top. The camera has altered some of the darker purples into blue below - what a shame, as the purples the eye sees are much more attractive than this photo demonstrates.

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