December 2, 2015

Quilt 48: Tulip Garden II - DONE!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my "Tulip" quilt.  After finishing the quilt, I looked at the scraps and realized that I just about had enough leftover from that quilt and other projects to do a second one, so sure!  Why not?!?!

I used the same design (which I put together using my quilting software), but on this one, added a very thin blue border around the center blocks:
I've gotten a little more confident (and competent) with on-point designs, and whipped this one up even faster than the first one!  And here it is, already, FINISHED:
I finished the binding last night.  I didn't have enough green for the binding (as I did on the first one), so opted to bind it with the bright pink I used for the backing.

I'm loving my Handi Quilter groovy boards, and when I did the first tulip quilt, I used the "Baptist Fan" boards, which I thought at the time would be the best choice.  Here (below) is what that design looks like on that first quilt.
For the second one, though, I decided to try "Simply Stipple" - and here's the result:
Well - that's interesting. I originally thought the stippling would overwhelm the quilt, but it doesn't, does it?  Actually, I think it's a MUCH better stitch design for this quilt.

And here's how it looks on the back:
So there you are!  Another quilt done!

And, just like the original "Tulip" quilt, this one is going to "Inspirational Quilts".

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