March 7, 2018

Quilt 103 - Fiona's Quilt - DONE!

Fiona is a lovely woman who lives in Ireland.  She saw the quilt I made for my friend Julie-Anne (who passed away last June) and just raved about it.  She wanted something similar, but didn't want the exact same design; she wanted something slightly different.  I've made several quilts like Julie-Anne's (my best-selling design) and so unlocking myself mentally and trying to come  up with something different was a bit challenging. 

Here's a photo of Julie-Anne's quilt with my original design:

Julie-Ann's quilt

Then it finally occurred to me to just got with simple borders - nothing fancy - and instead of playing up the purple in the center panel, to pull out the turquoise instead.  I also opted not to cut off the "gold gilting" at the top and bottom of the panel

Here's the result and I have to say I really love it!

52" x 71" - quilted on the longarm (Blustery Breeze groovy boards) - cotton batting
The print border is a coordinating fabric that goes with the panel.  The other borders are solid.
(doubleclick the photo to see a larger image)
I backed it with a magenta/purple solid and used purple/blue variegated thread for the quilting, then used the coordinating print for the binding.

This design is just so much simpler - and although you don't really see it in the photos, that turquoise really makes the purples in the panel jump!  I think I like this design better than my original one!

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