March 28, 2018

AQC 2018 - Don't Miss It!

Several years ago, I discovered the Australasian Quilt Convention - which is held here in Melbourne every April. It's a great show - loads of fabulous quilts, vendor stalls, lots of new products to learn about and just generally a lot of fun to walk around and enjoy the vibe.

The next convention starts a week from tomorrow!

Last year there was a vendor there selling longarm thread.  I bought a couple of cones and came home wishing I'd bought more - especially as they had some colours that I use a lot of.  I won't make the same mistake this year - if you see a woman with a forklift full of thread cones ... that'll be me.

Check it out, if you can!

Here's a link to the AQC page on this years Melbourne Exhibition.

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