March 21, 2018

Free-motion "Nested C" Quilting Stitch

My long-time friend and quilting buddy Jen recently sent me a link to an interesting video she saw on YouTube.  In this video, quilter Laura Ann Coia demonstrates an interesting free-motion stitch (click here to see her video).

Up to now, I've not done a lot of free-motion quilting.  I've done some "loop-d-loop" quilts, and these two quilts:

This quilt has a panel in the center with fairies and butterflies
I did free-motion outlining around the fairies, butterflies and flowers in the panel.
On this quilt I wanted quilting that would standout, but would complement the theme.
I used free-motion radio-wave stitches around the outer border - very effective.
In her video, Ms Coia is stitching on a sit-down machine.  She made the "C" pattern look pretty easy, so I decided to give it a try on the longarm using some scrap material.

Here's the result:
I'm delighted!  This was really pretty easy to do and VERY fast.  The results remind me of my "Blustery Breeze" groovy board pattern:

I love that groovy board pattern - but it is a bit "busy" for some quilts.  This new free-motion design will work well for quilts wshere I want a similar style, but less dense quilting. 

I've just finished a "jelly roll race" quilt top - and I'll try this new "nested C" stitch pattern on it.  Stay tuned!

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