July 4, 2015

Quilt 23: Table Runner for Kathy and Katherine (quilting done)

Last January my friends Kathy and Katherine visited from the US.  Kathy was admiring a table runner I'd made and so I offered to make one for her. Off we went to my favorite quilt supply shop and she selected some lovely fabrics. I pieced the runner fairly quickly, but then got a bit stuck as I contemplated how to quilt it.  This top just screams "longarm" and so I've saved it until now.
All mounted and ready to go.
I'd actually already sandwiched it and pinned it for hand quilting - but thankfully I have the habit of leaving a good bit of extra on the edges, so there was enough backing fabric to allow me to pin it to the longarm leaders.  So I mounted the quilt on the frame and away I went.

I opted for dark green thread, wanting the stitching to show. The backing is light gold, and the stitching REALLY shows there.
I laugh at this photo as it makes me just a bit dizzy to look at it. But what you see
is the quilt from under the longarm. You can see the swirly loop-d-loop stitches I used.
I opted to do loop-d-loop as I'd done on my own table runner a while back. But my tablerunner was too densely quilted and it's a bit stiff. I learned from that and did this one with a little more space between the loops and swirls.
Closeup of the panel, showing the stitching.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out!

And how long did it take?  45 minutes total - and that includes mounting it on the longarm frame.

NOT BAD!!!!!

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