July 29, 2015

Quilt 28: Christmas Cockies Tablecloth - DONE!

Back in May I put up a post about a Christmas table cloth I was working on.  The design is a simple checkboard with a "Cockatoo Santa" print:

The squares are 3" across.
After assembling the checkboard, I went hunting for fabrics for the borders and binding. I was very lucky to find prints that coordinate beautifully. And for backing, I just used scraps of unbleached muslin - nothing fancy.
The quilting on the longarm went quickly.
The binding is a red and white candy-strip. The red doesn't precisely match the red in the checkboard, but it's far enough away that you don't see it.
All finished!
There's one thing I would change in this project, and that's the batting. I used polyester for this and it's really a little too stiff. Cotton would have been a better choice, or maybe bamboo. It needs to drape just a little more than it does. But no matter, I'm pleased with it anyway.

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