August 28, 2015

My dance card is getting full

I'm having the time of my life with this longarm.  And my friends are right in there with me, enjoying the spree.

Just this past week, my favorite quilt supply store had a sale - and of course I went. Stocked up on this and that - and drug Anna (the friend who now is enjoying the Hawaiian Tsunami quilt) along with me.  Her 2 grandchildren (who live in Germany) are visiting Australia in October - and we agreed that quilts for each of them would be a lovely take-home prezzie.  So off we went to Gail B's store - picking out horse-themes for the girl and soccer balls for the boy.  And, of course, Grandma should not be left out.  A lovely red poppy print for her.

The credit card machine was smoking when her purchases were rung up, but Anna didn't flinch.

She confided that when you are a grandparent who only rarely sees the kiddees, you just don't worry about how much prezzies cost - you just want to get the prezzies right.

Well, I'm thrilled that she trusts my skills to this degree. And, to be honest, I think I'll be able to deliver the goods without trouble. We did agree on fairly simple designs.

And yes... you'll be seeing those here.

So 3 more quilts for Anna. And then my friend Kay (who's granddaughter now has 2 quilts from me) said she'd like one for herself as well. Fine. We will.  And then Janet said she wants 2 adult-sized ones and Jacquie would like one for each of her 3 kids.  And I've got some lovely fabric to make something nice for my much-loved mediumship mentor, Jackie.

And there's the "Inspirational Quilts" group - yes... must produce some items for them. Got one almost finished (which I haven't told you about at all...)

I'm so happy.  I'm powering through my UFO closet - and friends are happy to jump in and add to it all with their own project ideas.

And I have to admit that this blog's reports on my projects is WAY BEHIND what is actually happening. I was posting once a week, well folks, that's not often enough. So there'll be more frequent posts for a while. 


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