August 19, 2015

Bobbin Woes - resolved

My longarm's bobbin winder went on the fritz.  Well, actually, I'm not sure it every really worked correctly. But when it finally turned up it's toes... I was stuck. If you can't wind those huge class "M" bobbins, you can't use my longarm.

And so off it went to NSW, to "Kirsten" - an associate of the dealer I bought the machine from (dear Howard was on holidays in Samoa - but he picked up and answered my emails, even on vacation - is this guy a treasure or what?!?!).  I posted it to Kirsten and when it arrived she looked at it and knew exactly what the problem was. She fixed it, tested it, and posted it back to me on the same day.

OMG.  Is this SERVICE or what?!?!?!

I'll have to say that I'm very happy with Handy Quilter. The machine is fabulous and the service - top drawer, folks. Honestly, I was preparing myself for a 3 week wait.

So it's back - and working better than ever - quieter, faster, and the tension in the bobbins is just right.

I'm back in the saddle - here we go!
It's big, clunky, and a bit homely. But without it, there's no longarm quilting.

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