August 31, 2015

One Meter of Civil War Reproduction Print - MIA

I was at my favorite quilt supply shop today picking up some bits and pieces for projects in progress, including a meter of a charcoal-grey print from their "Civil War Reproduction" prints. I was happy, relaxed, and chatting away with the gal who was cutting my fabric. She was telling me about her upcoming wedding (in about 3 weeks) and it was such a joy to see her so bubbly and happy.

So we were chatting away - she cut the grey fabric and set it aside, then reached for the bolt of bright turquoise I'd picked out for another project. Then the bright yellow homespun and the lime green homespun, and so on.

After all the bits I wanted were cut, she added up the total, I paid her and she slid the stack of bright homespun into a bag. I gave her my best wishes for her wedding and she said "See you again soon!"  Smiling as I turned to leave I answered "Yes, you probably will!"

That was prophetic.

At home, about three hours later, I unloaded the bag - and uh... where's the charcoal calico? Unfortunately I made my discovery about half an hour after the shop closed - but I'm hopeful that my bride-to-be friend found that cut on the counter after I left, knew what had happened and set it aside for me. 

I'll ring them first thing in the morning and have my fingers crossed.

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