August 12, 2015

Quilt 31 - Civil War Charm Squares - DONE!

Time to try a different set of groovy boards!  This time I'm going with "Blustery Breeze". Here's the boards:
The pattern is interesting because all those swirls are part of a single line
that starts at one end and finishes at the other.
I decided the pattern would go well on my "Civil War" print quilt - and oh I am so pleased with the results:
The stitching pattern is dramatic, and in dark brown thread, shows
up just enough to be noticeable on the less-busy prints.
 And here's the finished quilt:
(click the picture to see a larger image)
I had no trouble finding a home for this one. Our friend George went wild for it when he saw it and was thrilled to take it.

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