September 20, 2015

Inspirational Quilts

I'm having a grand time powering my way through my UFO stash - but the truth is that as I make quilt after quilt, well... I don't really want or need the quilts. I just want the fun of making them! Many friends have stepped forward to adopt one of my projects, but eventually everyone who wants one will have one.  What happens then?

Well, it won't be a problem.  I know there are organizations around Victoria and elsewhere in Australia which take donated quilts and distribute them to people who need them. A quick Google led me to one in particular which captured my imagination and my heart:  Inspirational Quilts

Inspirational Quilts is a registered charitable organization in Victoria whose purpose is to collect and distribute donated quilts to individuals who are experiencing tough times. This includes children at the Royal Children's Hospital, families at Ronald McDonald House and so on.

I came across them when I saw this article about Nancy Gheno, the founder of Inspirational Quilts. The article tells her own story of crisis and recovery, and how she came to found the group. One of the things I like about them is the fact that you can "nominate" someone (via their website) to receive a quilt. That can be a family member or friend. I don't know how many quilts have been given away via nominations, but the idea of that really appeals to me.

So I contacted Nancy.  We've not met, but we've swapped a couple of emails. She seems like a lovely person and I'm very excited about the opportunity to contribute some of my quilts. I'm thinking I may set myself a goal of making every 3rd quilting project a quilt for this lovely organization. Heaven knows I've got plenty of material in my UFO closet!

Here's Inspirational Quilts website.

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