September 9, 2015

Quilt 33: Royal Peacocks - Progress made

I agonized about this one.  I was sure about the dark green smallish border around the blocks (same fabric as the diamonds which connect the blocks), but what to use for the final border?  Hm...

I'd originally thought that aqua was the way to go - but went to my fav. fabric shop and found exactly NOTHING which worked, so ended up bordering it in gold.

As it turns out, that's exactly what my friend Lil (who will be getting this one ) prefers. So there you are.. problem solved.

And, yes, with the gold, you see the lavenders and golds in the prints... and the turquiose/aqua's actually pop!

So now we're ready for the quilting.  I've opted to use my new "Baptist Fan" groovy boards. It seems the most appropriate design from the options I have at the moment.

But... well... I'm a bit intimidated by the Baptist Fan boards.

Maybe I'll procrastinate a while, build my confidence, yes?

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