September 19, 2015

Quilt 39: Beatrix Potter quilt - DONE!

Last week I told you about the animal quilt that Debra, my hair stylist, asked me to make up for her. Well - here's the other one - a Beatrix Potter panel she found. She got this dirt cheap at Spotlight and her 2.5 yr old daughter Georgia is absolutely in love with the image.

Oh yeah... no pressure here. (gulp)

I wasn't as worried about the animal print one (last week's quilt) - but this Beatrix Potter print is so adorable... every time I looked at it I worried I might mess it up.
It's a good sized panel - almost 50" across the top.
For this one, we agreed on the "Simply Stipple" groovy board design. The top fabric and backing are both so very lightweight and floppy, I wasn't concerned about it being too dense.

Here's the back - clearly the stippling worked out OK.
It turned out terrific!

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