September 26, 2015

Quilt 33: Royal Peacocks - DONE!

Here's the original design:
I decided to use my new "Baptist Fan" groovy boards. With the oriental prints, fans just seemed the best, most natural choice. Here's one of the groovy boards:
If you look closely, you'll see that the groves flow in one continuous line.
And here's how it played out on the quilt:
I am delighted with how it looks on the top.
The back looks great, too!
It's pretty - and it stitched up amazingly fast - the fastest of
the three groovy board designs.
And the finished quilt, after binding:
I learned a few things while doing this quilt. I mounted the quilt with the upper edge being quilted first. That turned out to be a mistake, but I didn't realize it until I got into the stitching. The boards have an "alignment mark" - a line under the bottom of the fans. The point to that line is you're to use it to line up the next row of stitching after advancing the quilt on the frame. Because I started at the top, that line wasn't in the right position when I advanced the quilt. I had to line up the stitching rows without the use of that handy mark. I did OK, though. The rows aren't EXACTLY the same distance, but nobody is ever going to notice that. The next time I use these groovy boards, I'll mount the quilt upside-down. That way I'll be able to use that alignment mark as it's meant to be - and should be able to get near-perfect rows.

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