September 10, 2015

The Sneaky Red Button on the Longarm

I was quilting away last Sunday, making great progress on a project, but the thread kept breaking. Happily, this was on a project where the stitching won't show up tremendously if there's a "blip" where I re-thread and restart (which I'm getting better at - my "blips" are almost invisible... almost).

I'd just finished re-threading and stood up - when I did I bumped the hand control underside a bit - and when I did that - the machine shut off!

I stood there in shock.  WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

I went around the back, turned the off/on switch a couple of times - no response. Checked the user manual, which advised checking all the power cords and make sure nothing had come loose. I did that - no, the power cables are all in place.

It was a bad moment. Stood there just not believing that this machine could actually be broken. I went into my office and quickly sent a panicky email to Howard, the dealer I bought the machine from. I was sick at heart because the day he delivered the machine, he told me he and his partner were planning a trip to Hawaii.. for September!  Well... it's September.  If Howard was into his holiday, I didn't know who I could get to come and have a look.

Within half an hour - Howard replied!  Yes, he's in Hawaii. Having a great time. And he advised me to try pressing the red button under the front handle (there are handles on the front and back).

So I rushed in to look - here's the handle he's talking about... I don't see a red button.

Oh, but wait... UNDER the handle... here it is!

I tapped it and, sure enough, the machine turned back on.

And can you believe Howard?!?!?  On holiday in Hawaii, and he's replying to customer emails. I'm going to have to think up a nice way to say "thank you" when he gets back.

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