January 16, 2019

You're Never Too Young (or Old)

My friend Nancy (who runs the marvelous charity Inspirational Quilts) came by last week to pick up some quilts I wanted to donate.  On this trip, she brought her three sons Joshua, Luke, and Thomas with her.

They are delightful youngsters - thoughtful and polite and terrifically curious.  We had a ball introducing them to Laka (our macaw) and answering the hurricane of questions about her.  Then we headed up to the quilting room and each of the boys took a turn at driving the longarm:
Luke (with Ang, the boys' dad on the left, my hubby Stephen on the right with Miss Laka, and that's me next to Luke)
They clearly thought the longarm is a pretty cool gadget, and took to it like ducks to water.

January 13, 2019

Quilt 133: Pond Life - DONE!

This one is another quilt kit from Patchwork with Gail B.  The shop had the kit in a recent sale - the price was just too good to resist.  It's a very simple quilt, just strips of 6 different prints (3 orange, 3 purple).  I think I may have only spent about 4 hours or so putting it together.
44" x 58" - quilted on the Bernina Q-Matic
Here's the quilting pattern I used (it came with the Q-Matic):
The waves and bubbles go well with the goldfish theme of the prints:
The backing is done with the goldfish print that matches one of the prints on the top:
Here's a closeup of the back - and again you can see the waves and bubbles quilt stitching:
I'm really pleased with it - cute as a bug's ear!

January 9, 2019

Quilt 129: Australian Souvenier Quilt - DONE!

At the beginning of last year, I made quilt using a jelly roll that had rainbow colours and some interesting prints.  It turned out very well and I thought I'd like to do another.  Well - then there was a sale at Patchwork with Gail B and wouldn't you know they had those jelly rolls marked down!  I grabbed one in a hurry!

Then, in November, my friend Diane and her 13 year old daughter Allison visited us here in Melbourne for a week.  While they were here, I showed photos of that rainbow quilt to Diane and asked her if she thought Allison would like to have one.  She said "yes!"  So I got that jelly roll out and whipped up one for her.

Here it is:
47" x 76" - quilted on the Bernina Q-Matic ("Panto_Square Meander" stitch design, end-to-end) - bamboo batting
The thing about this jelly roll that made me think it would be a nice quilt for Allison is that some strips in the set have names of places in Australia, including Melbourne.  Here's a closeup so you can see the print:
I used a soft mint-on-white print for the backing and bound it with white homespun.
Here's the quilting design I selected from the Q-Matic library:
That quilting design is a great one, very versatile, and I've used it on several quilts now.

I actually finished the quilt at the beginning of last month and posted it to Allison on December 5.

January 6, 2019

Quilts 130, 131, 132: Houses - DONE!

Sometimes quilting with panels becomes almost like "instant quilts".  That certainly felt like the case with these three.  I found the "houses" panels online and ordered three of them.  The colourful prints are quite large, and after adding a 3" yellow border, 3" green border, and 3" blue border, I ended up with pretty good sized quilts. 
52" x 59" - quilted on the Bernina Q-Matic with the "Row of houses" stitch pattern
 Here's the stitch pattern I used (below). 
On the first quilt (below) I kept the stitch pattern at the dimensions it comes in.  After doing it once that way, I decided it was a little too dense, so on the 2nd and 3rd quilts I expanded the pattern to just over twice it's original size.
 Each of the quilts has a different backing.  The first one is light turquoise (with dark green binding):
 The second one is yellow (with light green binding):
 The third one is deep tea (with lime green binding)l:
I've been VERY productive in recent weeks.  Now having the Q-Matic for quilting, I can quilt one project while I'm piecing the next one.  I can't believe how fast I'm powering through my stash of fabric!  I may start posting more often, as posting once a week has left me with quite a backlog of quilts to show.