September 19, 2018

End-to-End Headaches with the Bernina Q-Matic after Advancing the Quilt

No - there's nothing wrong with the machine.  It's me.

Shelly, the dealer who sold me the system, is also the one who is teaching me how to use it.  One of the first things she showed me was how to do end-to-end quilting with the Q-Matic, and keep the rows lined up properly.

Well... it's just a little tricky and my brain didn't absorb the lesson well.  I had to ask her to show me again, which she did, but again I just didn't get it.

I hate to have to confess to her that I need yet a 3rd go and learning this - but thankfully I found a video on YouTube which shows how to tell the Q-Matic that the quilt has been advanced on the frame, and the starting point for the next row needs to be calculated.

Here's a link to the video: "BERNINA Q-matic Video Tutorial: Realign Safe Area"

So I played with it... and I can do the "adjust on screen", but "snap to point" isn't working.  Oh well... at least one of them works....

Stay tuned...

September 12, 2018

No Post this Week

I've been a little under the weather and have gotten behind on my quilting - so there's not much to post about this week. 

Hopefully next week will be better!

Stay tuned!

September 5, 2018

Quilt 112: "Oriental Traditions" Kit (Disappearing 9-Patch) - DONE!

This project came together beautifully. 

After auditioning the threads for quitling, I opted for a gold thread, as it would fade into the background on most of hte prints in this quilt.

The kit designer instructions included the recommendation to place the fabrics randomly - but instead I opted to make them uniform.  So if you look at the cream colour prints, you'll notice they are all in the same relative position as the gold/brown positioned diagonally from them.

Here's one completed block:

And here is the finished quilt:
(51" x 68" - quilted on the longarm free-motion nested "C"'s - cotton batting)
I did this, feeling a more "organized" quilt than the designer intended would look just fine and would be less bothersome to make than "random" placement of the fabrics (which means having to worry about having 2 of the same fabrics end up side by side).

The backing and binding are solid black homespun.  Here's the backing with my free-motion quilting stitches in gold:
(I do wish my camera captured colours better - this backing is superb in real life)

I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt, and will definitely do another "disappearing 9-patch" quilt using some different prints!

August 29, 2018

Quilt 112: "Oriental Traditions" Kit (Disappearing 9-Patch)

At the April 2017 Australasian Quilt Convention, I saw a quilt kit that I fell in love with.  A simple quilt, the design involves a "disappearing 9-patch" block using oriental-inspired prints.  I've not done a "disappearing 9-patch" block before, so I was pretty sure it would be fun and easy.

First, I cut the fabrics in the kit into 6.5" blocks, and sewed them into a 9-patch block:
 Then I quartered the block:
And rotated the upper left and lower right squares:
 And stitched them together.
And there you have it: disappearing 9-patch!

I loved making this block and was simply amazed at how fast it came together.  Now to make the other 11 blocks for the quilt - it sure won't take long!