December 31, 2018

My Quilty New Year's Resolutions

I started quilting in early 2010 and blogging almost at the same time.  I have tried to post at least once a week (on Wednesdays), although sometimes not quite meeting the goal.  There was even a year when I posted nothing!

When I started out, I'd do a post about my latest design, then do a post about the fabric I bought for it, then maybe a couple of posts sharing about the construction of the quilt and so on, finishing a post showing the completed project (with the "DONE!" in the title).  Blogspot allows me to set up posts so that they are automatically published on the day/time of my choosing.  The week before Christmas, I was setting up a post for Quilt 133 - and realized that, at my one-per-week pace, that post wouldn't be published for 8 weeks!  WHOA!

I don't see my quilting slowing down any time soon.  In fact, I've got quite a few quick-and-easy projects in the queue, so the pace is likely to pick up.  I'm also seriously considering offering longarm services to other quilters, which means even MORE quilting happening.

So... here are my Quilty New Year's Resolutions - In 2019 I will:
  • ...publish 2 posts per week, one on Wednesday and one on Sunday.  That way the blog stands a better chance of keeping up with what I'm working on.
  • ...make a point of doing a few Christmas-themed projects (well, heaven knows I've got the fabric...)
  • ...make more quilts for little boys and more that are gender neutral (I seem to always be doing flowers, birds and butterflies).
  • ...attend the 2019 Australasian Quilt Convention (April)
  • ...make another attempt at quilting with monofilament (invisible thread)
  • ...donate at least 25 quilts to the charity Inspirational Quilts
  • ...get serious about making some "stash buster" quilts (before my stash of scraps develops it's own gravitational pull)
  • ...BUY MORE FABRIC!!!!  (You knew THAT was coming, didn't you?!?!)
Bring it ON!


December 26, 2018

Quilt 126: Green Batiks - DONE!

Of all the quilts I've done this year, one of my favorites was Quilt 119 - a kit from Patchwork With Gail B The kit is called "Nells Flower Shop", and I had a ball putting it together.  I found some charm squares online that I thought would make up beautifully with that pattern.These squares are from Robert Kaufman - and are all gorgeous green batik prints.

I found a soft minty green print to use in the main square blocks and border.  And here's the finished quilt:
(63" x 63" - quilted on the longarm Q-Matic - bamboo batting)
In the center of the squares, I quilted using a block pattern from the Q-Matic library:
Here's a photo of the stitch design (from the Q-Matic manual):
 On the 2 borders I used a meandering leaf pattern in two sizes (photo below):
And here's the leaf stitch design from the manual:

I just love how it turned out - going to make some more of these!

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas! (The Ghost of Christmas Projects Past)

Christmas is here!

We're having a quiet Christmas Day here in Melbourne, with a grand lunch (slow-roasted lamb, buttermilk biscuits and other goodies) and generally enjoying the holiday.

When I pulled out my Christmas bed spreads this year, I thought about the Christmas-themed projects I've done over the years.  There aren't many, surprisingly!  I guess I've just been busy doing other things.  Having done well over 100 quilts, you'd think there'd be more but well... here's what I have done:
  •   Quilt 4: On Point Lattice Christmas Quilt

    Started 2012, completed in 2014 - king-size bedspread, hand quilted - polyester batting
  • Quilt 20: Christmas Charm Squares

    Started 2013, completed 2018 - 92" x 112", quilted on the longarm ("Simply Stippling" groovy boards.
  • Quilt 27: Christmas Table Runner 

    Started in 2014 - quilted in 2015 and then I forgot about it until I started working on this post.  It's somewhere in my UFO closet - maybe I'll finish it this year?  quilted on the longarm, dimensions are uh... I don't recall, but it's not very big.
  • Quilt 28: Christmas Cockies Tablecloth

    Started in 2014, finished in 2015 - 55" x 55" - quilted on the longarm ("Simply Stippling" Groovy Boards) - polyester batting
  • Quilts 34, 35, 36: Christmas Table Runners

    2015 - quilted on the longarm - Polyester batting.
    60 x 12
    44 x 12 (gold)
    49 x 12
  • Quilt 50: Gold/Red Christmas Table Runner

    2015 -  57" x 12" - quilted on the longarm (free motion loop-d-loops) - polyester batting
  • Quilts 75,& 76: Christmas Table Runners

    2016 - both are 57" x 12" - quilted on the longarm (free motion loop-d-loops) - cotton batting
  • Quilt 83: Lil's Christmas Table Runner

    2016 - 15" x 85" - quilted on the longarm (free motion loop-d-loops) - cotton batting
And that's all I've done!  Yup!  I need to lift my game.  I do have quite a bit of Christmas prints in my stash of fabric.  I'll make a point of doing a few holiday projecgts in 2019.

In the meantime... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

December 19, 2018

Quilt 125: Lecien Floral Collection baby quilt - DONE!

A while back I did an on-point baby quilt "Nana Mae".  Time to do another one!

This time I'm using Lecien's Floral Collection Pastel charm squares.
And here's the finished quilt!
46" x 46" - quilted on the Bernina Q-Matic - cotton batting

Here's the stitching pattern I used:
 And here's a closeup of the quilt showing how the pattern looks on the quilt.
 The backing and binding are done in a soft pastel pink print.

December 12, 2018

Quilt 124: "Faded Memories" (encore) - DONE!

Way back in 2010 I bought a quilt kit for Patchwork With Gail B (one of my favorite shops).  It was my 3rd quilt, and turned out fabulous.  (Click here to see my original post about that quilt).

Back last August, the shop had a big sale, and they even had those kits marked down!  I couldn't resist - figured it would be a good one to send on to Inspirational Quilts (a great charity).

The quilt is made from Moda's "Faded Memories" charm squares:
 And here's the prints that come in this pack.
Thee quilt consists of simple "snowball" blocks with a border.

Here's a closeup of the blocks.  The "snowball" corners alternate dusty rose and grey green.  Very simple but also very effective.

I quilted it on the longarm using a simple "eternity" loop design.  Here's the backing, where it's easier to see the quilt pattern.
And here's the design (from the Q-Matic manual):
I loved doing this quilt again.  Even though there are over 500 pieces in the top, it was a fairly fast and satisfying project.  And the fact that it was "fast" tickles me a lot, because I remember spending hours and hours on it way back in 2010.  I guess I've come a long way in my 8 years of quilting - have learned a few things that reduces the amount of time it takes me to put a quilt together.

December 5, 2018

I goofed!

Big thanks to my quilting guru Pauline, who pointed out that I was missing a post last month!  I checked and sure enough - I had posts all lined up to "auto publish" but somehow managed to miss November 14th!

It's all good now.  I went back and correted the problem today - just adjusted the publishing dates and all is well now.  So if you're following this blog and looking today - you might want to scroll down and look at the previous week's post as well as this week's, just so you don't miss anything.

Thanks for being so vigilant, Pauline!

Quilt 123: Minnie Mouse 2 (baby size) - DONE!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about an adult-size "Minnie Mouse" quilt I made for a friend.  I had a second panel, and a little bit of the coordinating print, enough to make a baby-size quilt - and here it is!
48" x 55" - Quilted on the Bernina Q-Matic ("Panto_Stars" pattern) - cotton batting
I used the same backing:

When hubby Stephen held this one up for the photo to be taken, he remarked that the print on the backing fabric looks exactly like mouse droppings.

Oh, heavens... he's right....