July 6, 2016

Quilt 60: Double Square Star - DONE!

I got a bit distracted after starting quilt 61 - and ran ahead to do quilts 62 and 63 - but yes, I've come back to 61 and it's finished now.

The design for this quilt came from a Missouri Quilt Company video starring the fabulous "Jenny".  If you haven't seen the video, click here and have some fun - Jenny's worth watching!

Here are a few snaps of my version of the project:

First, the charm square (red) and the strips/squares to be joined on the side -

And here you can see where it's going:
I made 80 of the blocks like - and then paired them up as shown below - now you can see the "star" forming:
Too easy!

Jenny did hers by mixing up the different fabrics.  I opted to do mine a little differently.  I used 2 fabrics for each "star block" (as below).  The random prints looks good, too, but on this first project I just wanted to see how it would turn out doing it "my way".
Off and running now - here it is on the longarm:
I opted to do free-motion loop-d-loops on this one in white thread - I'm very pleased with the result.  Below is a closeup of the stitching on the front, and shows the solid blue backing.  When I got ready to finish the binding, I realized I didn't have pale blue thread.  I opted to use a dove grey to hand-stitch the binding down, and that worked fine.  The grey blends and fades into the soft blue and doesn't show up at all.
54" x 66" - 100% cotton batting
This was a really fun project to do.  I'll have to look through my stash of charm squares and see what else might work with this design.

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