April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

I haven't done much quilting in the last couple of weeks (suffering from withdrawal now...), as I've been a bit busy with this and that.

And today - Easter Sunday!

We celebrated happily in the city with slow-roasted lamb, buttermilk biscuits (to sop up the lamb gravy) and black bean salad.

The entree was Baba Ganoush with little tabs of Turkish bread.

Miss Laka, our companion bird (photo above) tasted everything and loved it all, especially the Baba Ganoush (which she's sampling in the photo above).

I hope your Easter was/is pleasant, too!  I've got quilt projects in the queue, hopefully will get back in the swing soon!

April 11, 2019

Quilt 148: African/Asian Animals 1 - Done!

Ah!  After so long, finally something to show you!

Way back... uh... (how long ago?)... YEARS ago... I visited my cousins in Florida and picked up a couple of African/Asian animal "layer cake" packs. 

I've been doing a lot of quilts for my favorite charity: Inspirational Quilts - but one of the benefits of blogging (from my perspective) is that I became aware of how many of my quilts are very feminine.  I need to do more masculine, or at least "unisex" quilts for the charity.

So here we are.. with these layer cake packs.  I decided to get on with it recently, and not be too fussy about what designs, so opted to just do layer cake squares cut into triangle wedges and joined with a coordinating solid.

So I cut out 10" squares of a sunset orange and then stitched each one (right faces together) to a charm square, then cut diagonally from corner to corner:
Then I flipped them, ironed them and formed them into a pinwheel - SIMPLE!

I framed the resulting blocks with a solid black lattice, and here's the happy result!
60" x 72" - quilted on the longarm - bamboo batting
 And here's a cloesup of a couple of the blocks:
The stitching pattern is one I selected from the Q-Matic library because I thought it resemble the shields used by Watusi warriors.  The backing (and binding) are simple gold-coloured homespun, with a gold-ish thread (not metallic...just plain thread of that colour).

So, OK.  What we've got here is suitable for a boy or a girl.  I started with 2 layer cake packs, and so have enough to make another quilt, but I'm not going to duplicate this one... going to do something different for the next one.. stay tuned!

April 10, 2019

Almost there...

At the start of 2019 I found myself with quite a problem.  I had a BOATLOAD of quilts I'd finished, and the once-a-week posts just really weren't frequent enough.  So I started doing twice a week.  But the past 6 weeks have been full of so many "non-quilting" interruptions that I simply got behind.

I do have a really lovely quilt that is in the binding stage - African/Asian wild animals is the theme.  I'll finish that one tonight and will post tomorrow.  And there's another one with a similar theme in the pipeline, but there's so much going on that I'm unlikely to have finished it by a week from to day.

So OK.  I'll keep the Wednesday posts up (and tomorrow will post about this latest quilt) and, of course, the Australasian Quilt Convention is happening, starting tomorrow (I plan to be there on Friday).  So I'll have some things to share.

Stay tuned!

April 3, 2019

2019 Australasian Quilt Convention

It's that time of year again!

Next week the Australasian Quilt Convention comes to Melbourne again at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.  The dates are April 11-15, 10:30-4:30 daily.

I started going to the convention in 2015 and haven't missed once since then.  It's great fun to wander the hall checking out the goodies on offer, learn about the latest gadgets and, of course, look over the amazing quilts on display.  There's usually a bargain or two as well.

All good fun!