December 20, 2017

Quilt 99: Green Fern Table Runner

My friend Lil wants to give her partner's mother a special gift for Christmas this year.  She loves the table runners I've made for her and asked me to make one for Beryl.  She was open to any design I might come up with, but did specify the colours: navy blue, bright green, and cream.  She also told me Beryl is fond of plants, especially ferns.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this print (navy background with bright green fern leaves).  It was just too good to be true!
 I opted to go with simple blocks, framing the fern print in a gold Bali print (which pulls out the gold/browns from the print), and then adding a band of bright green as out outer frame:

Here it is on the longarm, with the cream fabric added as a final border and sashing between the blocks:
I used my rulers to get very straight "stich-in-the-ditch" edging around the frames - and opted for very tiny loops on the cream fabric.  The effect is lovely, it looks very lacy, stitched with cream thread.
And here's the finished table runner:
58" x 14"
In the closeup below, you can see I've bound the quilt using the same navy/ferns print from the blocks.  It's very dramatic and quite effective - pulls the whole thing together nicely.
The back turned out pretty, too!  On this side (below) you can see how I stitched around the rectangular blocks in the center.
And the runner is done just in time!  Christmas is less than a week away!