December 7, 2013

Oops! What happened?

Uh oh... I've been neglecting this blog.

There are reasons.

We've just had a parade of tradesmen doing this and that. A new balcony for the second floor, painting about 1/4 of the interior, new bamboo floor in the kitchen, new carpet in the loungeroom, stairs and entire second floor. We're not completely done, as now I need to paint the balcony and the exterior windows on the north side of the house - and so on.

So, well, I've just been busy.

And now here comes Christmas barreling down on me. I'm not ready! Not remotely ready. EEK!

And so... hm...

I need to see where I am with all my various projects - and whether I can come up with anything worthwhile to post here. Should be able to. I just have to find my misplaced discipline.

Stay tuned...