January 11, 2012

Quilt 12: Finally Finished!

My "sister/friend" Janelle married her Prince Charming in August. At the time, I sent arranged for them to have a fabulous wine and goodies basket from Wyandotte Winery (which is owned and operated by friends in Ohio). But I wanted to give her something more personal, so I started working on placemat quilts using Egyptian-style prints (Janelle is an ancient Egypt fan).

I finally finished the project on December 28. At least I can say that it got done in the same YEAR as they married (insert sheepish, blushing grin here).

Because of a SNAFU along the way, I ended up with a bazillion little off-cuts of fabric, which I stitched together in a long strip.

I used the strip to bind the edge of dinner napkins made of unbleached muslin. It all turned out pretty well, and here's a photo of the four placemats with the napkins:

I also used the off-cut strips to piece together a little "trivet" table cover (something to put hot dishes on):

So it's done! Finally. Now to post this to Janelle and see if she's pleased. At least I got it done before their 6-month anniversary....

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