September 2, 2017

Where Did August Go?

OK  - so I have been a bit distracted with the renovation of our home.  But the bulk of that project is done now, with just a few things for the builders to finish and fix up.  I did pretty much stop quilting there for a bit, but I'm back to it again.

Matilda - my Handi Quilter longarm, which I damaged in July by accidentally running over a lucite ruler - is fixed now.  The repair required the replacement of the casing that holds the needle in place - and I'm happy to report the bill for that wasn't terrible.  But I do want to say that I'm a bit surprised that the machine isn't a bit tougher.  I understand that the needle would break (and it sure did - into 3 pieces!), but that it would actually damage the machine seems a bit "much".  But there you go.  You can bet I'm a LOT more careful now.

Matilda has competition for my attention now, as I made the momentous decision last April to acquire another longarm...   ...stay tuned for details!

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