October 25, 2017

Quilt 96: Squares of Sharon - Autumn Gold - DONE!

In September of 2016, while shopping with my sister Carolyn in Ohio, we came across a fabulous print, which she just loved.  I told her I'd love to make her a quilt, and would be happy to do one with that fabric, and she gladly agreed.  The line to the cutting table was a bit long, and there wasn't time to get the fabric that day (and I was leaving for Florida the next day) - so we decided for her to go back later, get the fabric, and post it to me in Australia.  Carolyn got the fabric, but it was several months before she got around to posting it to me and then, on my end, I managed to procrastinate several months before getting the fabric out and makinig the quilt.

But it's done now - and I'm thrilled with the result.

The fabric has narrow stripes in green, gold, orange, and maroon, highlighted with glittery gold lines between them.  The gold really sparkles.  Wanting to maximize the effect of the strips, we opted for "Squares of Sharon" blocks, which turned out just stunning using only that one fabric (but cut at 2 angles, to create a kind of prism effect.  (When I made my first Squares of Sharon quilt, I posted a tutorial showing how to do it - click here to see that tutorial post)

Here's the quilt on the longarm - In this picture, you can just see some of the sparkle of the gold.  I tried and tried to get a photo that would show that sparkle - but neither my phone or camera really catch that glint.

(double click the photo to see a larger image)
Just before I started the quilting, Caroly asked if I could somehow incorporate the word "hope". In the corners of binding, I've got medium-sized squares of the coordinating deep red fabric - and in those blocks I used the longarm to stitch the word in each block.  Here's the one in the upper left corner:
 And here's the finished quilt!
54" x 66" - quilted on the longarm (free-motion loop-d-loops) - polyester batting
 And a close-up of the Squares of Sharon blocks.
I'm really liking the blocks done this way, and will am thinking seriously about doing another one with a striped print.

The quilt is finished now, and I'll pop it in the mail to Carolyn early next week.  It will reach her just in time: it's starting to get cold up there in Ohio now, and I love the mental image I have of her curled up under this quilt with a good book!

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