December 21, 2011

Cockatoo Christmas Print

Who could possibly resist?
Certainly not

I knew I shouldn't have gone to the fabric department at Spotlight when I was there the other day - but I went anyway. They'd advertised Christmas prints were half-off, and so I went to see what there was.

Check this out: Cockatoo Santas! Yup. I couldn't resist. Didn't even try.

They are "fat quarters". I bought 3 of the red, two of the cream/white, and four of the green cockatoo print. What will I do with them? Uh... don't know. I was thinking "Christmas placemats" when I bought the fabric, but hm... no. If I made placemats, you just KNOW there'd be a glass of red wine dumped on that fresh green bird-print calico. I think I'll make a small "throw" instead - there's enough here to do that.

The cuts are all washed and drying on the banister in the upstairs hallway. I admit to being a teeny bit nervous about whether the red fabric would bleed - but it's fine.

Jingle Jingle Jingle!

A very Merry Christmas to YOU!

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