December 28, 2011

My Big Fat (Quarters) Christmas

Last week I told you about the cockatoo "Santa" print. Well, you just KNEW that I didn't get out of Spotlight with only one Christmas-print project, and you were right.

I might have been able to resist - except for the way this one was packaged. Have a look: just 5 fat quarters neatly tied with a ribbon. I have to admit that I was totally aware the whole time that the ribbon is what did me in. It just looked so CUTE sitting there in the display basket. Lordy, but I'm a sucker for good packaging...

Untying the bundle, here's what I got:

Green background with toys:

Blue background with Christmas ball ornaments:

Cream background with small ornaments:

Red background with Christmas lights:

And red-on-red Christmas ornament silhouettes:

Hm.. as you can see, the 2 red background fabrics pretty much clash - so the design will have to keep them separated.

And I'm thinking "table runner".

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