April 18, 2012

About that "Bamboo" Batting...

In the "Forbidden Palace" quilt, I opted to try using bamboo batting (yeah... you read that right) instead of polyester, cotton or wool. The gal in the shop said it's a nice, light batting, easy to pass a needle through, and the resulting quilt is a little cooler than it would be with other fabrics (here in sunny, hot Australia, cool quilts can be a good thing).

Well.. now that I'm nearly done with the quilt, I have a complaint about the bamboo batting:

It sheds.

Below is a photo - click the photo to get a larger image, and you'll be able to see the fuzz..

The back of my Forbidden Palace quilt is solid black cotton - and it's covered with dusty fuzz which I know is from the batting.

So... the lesson I've learned is: don't use bamboo batting for a quilt made of dark colours....

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