April 4, 2012

Quilt 11: "Trees" - The Agony and the...


Oh, Lordy...

So I've got the 20 "tree trunk" blocks done and finally settled down to start on the leaf blocks. I had a little "Post-it" note on which I'd written the dimensions for the pieces needed to assemble one leaf block, but had mislaid it, so I just opened up my quilting software and looked again at the calculation. I started cutting the pieces out but quickly had the feeling something was wrong - and then I glanced down and found that mislaid Post-it.

The quilt software is telling me to cut squares at:
2-and-a-half inches (2 blue, 3 green)
2-and-seven-eights (4 blue, 4 green)

But my Post-it says:
3-and-one-eighth squares (2 blue, 3 green)
3-and-one-half (4 blue, 4 green)

Which one is right? The Post-it!

I don't know how it's happened, but the quilting software has somehow recalibrated the quilt top for smaller blocks than I originally set it for.

Thank heavens I didn't get too far into this. I've still got loads of the blue and green prints involved - I bought more than I needed, I'm certain, so I can pull this one out of the fire. Have to admit, however, that the room spun for a minute.

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